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Share Information

Far away from your home and want to share important document or media, files with your family? Taseen- best free messaging app has come with the features that allow you to send and receive messages, media, and files instantly from any location.

Audio Video Calling

Get in touch with your family members instantly whenever they are at long-distant using Audio Video calling feature of Taseen App. Just create an account on this best audio-video calling app, add you family members and get into one-to-one conversation through audio-video calling.

Family Locator

Get accurate location of your kids, elders or other dependent family members at any time through GPS tracking feature of Taseen – best family tracking app. Get notification once they reach their destination.

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How it Works

Family is priority for everyone and taking care of each of your family members requires lots of efforts. However, you need not to worry about taking care for your family members whenever they step out of their home for some work. “Taseen – The Messenger App” has come up with all those necessary features that help you to connect with your family members wherever they go.

Taseen App uses phone’s native GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker to ensure safety of your family even when they are far away from you. Add your family member or friends at Taseen App using their contact number and email id and select any of the two available options to request i.e.“Send request to Track Location and Chat” or "Send Chat Request” only. You will be able to chat or track the location of other person only if your request is accepted at device of the person to track or chat with. If you want to track your close ones- simply add the location for which you want to get the notification when they reach there. Moreover, you can directly call or send message to family members in your contact list using Taseen App.

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Why Choose TASEEN

Track Family

Avoid checking your phone again & again to keep a watch on your family – but get instant notification of where they are.

Chat with Contacts

Just add contacts of your family or friends on Taseen App and stay connected with them all the time using in-built chat feature.

Share Audio/Video

Share an audio or Video file from your mobile device with your family & friends using Taseen – The Messenger Apps.

Audio & Video Calling

The easy to use audio and video calling features can be used for anytime direct connection with your family and friends.

Share Files

Taseen App is all here for you to share your best time moments with your family and friends through media files.

Elderly and Kids tracking

Taseen is best suited to track your dependent family members especially kids and elders when they travel alone.

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